Design Projects

Whether you want to advance your operation or if you simply know its not meeting its current targets, our project team can identify and solve your kitchens issues. Our extensive range of equipment brands give you the ability to have the equipment your kitchen requires

As part of a commission or a full kitchen design project, SCCUK can provide stainless steel fabrications for various functions within your unique kitchen. Does your kitchen have special considerations, or has it developed to work in a restrictive way? We can design and deliver fabrications to overcome the challenges of a unique working environment

We Design An Endless List Of Bespoke Equipment, including:

  • Heated/Ambient Gantries
  • Cantelever Tabling
  • Hot Cupboards
  • Mobile Cabinets & Trolleys
  • Height Specific Stands
  • Wall Cladding
  • Shelving
  • Custom Sinks & Tabling
  • Crockery Cabinets
  • Wall Mounted Sinks
  • Dishwash Areas
  • Canopy & Extraction Systems